bratkartoffeln rehschinken

Fried Potatoes „Wilderness Style“

bratkartoffeln rehschinkenThese days weather is getting colder and wet… Autumn is there. So it is more comfortable to enjoy the outdoors with having your basecamp in a cosy lodge or your camper van.

Meals for this type of trips can be heavier than for the usual trekking tour… so why not go for some delicious fried potatoes?


  • Stove
  • Anti-Stick (or if your lodge has cast-iron) Saucepan or Skillet


  • Potatoes
  • Deer Prosciutto
  • Onion
  • some salt and pepper
  • some oil/fat


I got some deer prosciutto from a friend who likes to hunt. Awesome quality… and a great replacement for bacon in your fried potatoes if you want to make them a little special.

Preparation of this dish is fairly easy…

Peel your potatoes (if you like) and chop them into aprox. 5 mm thick slices. Heat your skillet, add some oil and fry the potatoes over medium low heat until they have a nice browning. Then add the diced onion and deer prosciutto. Keep frying until the onions are glazed.

Ready! – Enjoy your meal…

Preparation time

Aprox. 20 minutes

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