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Trekking Pancakes

eipulver pancakes pfannkuchen kochen outdoor camping wandern hikingDelicious pancakes are great for breakfast, right? – But also outdoors?

We think yes… The following recipe is easy to prepare and transport as lightweight dry ingredients.


  • Stove
  • Anti-Stick Saucepan or Skillet


  • 1 part whole egg powder
  • 2 parts milk powder
  • 6 parts wheat flour
  • some salt
  • some oil/fat
  • water
  • optional: baking soda


Outdoor pancakes are really easy to prepare…

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl and while stirring add water until you reach the desired consistency. A runny consistency is good for „french-style“ crêpe, while a more gooey batter is more suitable for „classic american“ pancakes. When aiming for the last one, we recommend to add some baking soda.

Heat a skillet on your stove to a medium high temperature and add a really tiny amount of oil/fat. If you use too much, your pancakes will become sludgy and too compact.

pancakes eipulver rezept primus gaskocher

Your pancakes are ready as soon as they have an appealing browning. – Enjoy your meal!

Preparation time

Aprox. 15 minutes

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